hi i'm anita and i'm probably the biggest nathan sykes stan you will ever meet


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TWL - Episode Clip

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"well thats subtle". I ain't lying

Amen sis

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"i'm probably the biggest nathan sykes stan you'll ever meet" yeah sure lol


your point?? It says ‘stan’, not ass licker.

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The people that hated on nathan on jay's birthday were twfans, some of them have said they now hate nathan as they think its his fault the band is over. i had to block them all off my timeline. so it wasn't random haters it was people that had tw names and follows from the boys, not randoms.

oh man have you not read anything i said? I’m aware that not every single person in the tw fandom likes nathan. You just said it yourself, they “hate” him, no matter how hypocritical and stupid that makes them look. I couldn’t care less about those idiots tbh. All I said is that i don’t like it when he unnecessarily replies to jokes/sarcastic remarks made by people who LOVE him (aka HIS fans) in a shitty way. And yes, i’d prefer if he just ignored the hate too because i don’t want him to get so bitter he can’t even speak to people that actually appreciate him without getting upset over the tiniest things that aren’t meant to be taken seriously in the first place. His sense of humor is nowhere to be found and he gets mad when people don’t like what he says and acts all condescending like he needs to explain his use of sarcasm or some shit like that. That’s not nice or funny at all, so let’s just stop making up excuses.

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